September 04, 2011

Fauna And Ornamental Plant Market of Yogyakarta

Ngasem bird market is a famous market in Yogyakarta, that has been operating since 1809. It is the oldest bird market in Yogyakarta. In the past, the market that also sells snakes, decorative fish, and traditional snacks was the place where noblemen bought pet birds.

Ngasem bird market has gained a special place in the hearts of Yogyakarta people. This market is one of Yogyakarta legendary landmarks. People have been using this market for trading activities since tens of years ago. However, following the city plan, the local government of Yogyakarta relocated all sellers at Ngasem to "Bursa Agro Jogja" (BAJ) at Dongkelan. On march 22, 2010 the relocation was carried out through a cultural procession. And the name of Ngasem changed into "Pasar Satwa dan Tanaman Hias Yogyakarta" (PASTY).

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